Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Tea Room (Take 2)

I must say that most of my tea sets were right where I left before my grandbabies arrived for our Christmas celebration....
However, I did find a few interesting items.  Bear in mind that these are not exactly where I found them, but I forgot to take pictures before I straightened the room and put away the Pack & Play.  Maybe it was the influence of Sweet Jeremiah or it could just be the FUN of playing in Gram's Tea Room.

There was a horse and a few pigs - they were with the child-size tea cups so maybe they came over from the barn for a late night Tea Party.

Maybe Kaleah or Lilly had a cook out after lights out since I found several shish-kabob food items from the play kitchen.  Of course it could be that the lamb and frog missed supper.

I think I forgot to mention that Austin Ulysses* is missing a shoe and and so are one of the girls*.  Annie did tell me that Lilly managed to take one of the girl's bottles home with her.

*Cabbage Patch dolls & a doll made by Great Aunt Brenda who used to live a sheltered life in a display cabinet.  They now live in Gram's Tea Room and I imagine they are eagerly awaiting the next visit of the grandbabies so their adventures can continue.


At January 22, 2013 at 3:11 PM , Blogger Annie said...

I reread the last one, too. Cracking me up! Never know what you're gonna find in there. =)


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